Subject: Ellis-Life Goals

by Don Ellis    1975

                                (speak to nurses & doctors)

Life goals----

        3 year goals

        6 month goals
        Nice home --- beach --- mountains --- Los Angeles
        Comfortable income --- writing
        Occasional travel
        Be able to write creatively --- hear played
        (play drums)
        Be able to do research --- time for contemplation
        ---study --- arts and Humanities
        Have warm - really in love with - warm, caring relationship
                                (and with me)
        See kids a lot - have fun with them
        Good health - relaxed life - but exciting (inwardly)
        Small circle of enriching friends
3 years -
        Established writer of films - lots of money
        Beach mountain, and Los Angeles houses
        IRS off back
        Good love relationship
        Good friends
        See boys a lot

6 months-
        Life cleared up - not so hectic
        Established as writer