Scott Harris sends us several links to the Don Ellis Collection which recently moved from Eastfield College in Texas to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive
1630 Schoenberg Hall
Box 951657
Los Angeles CA 90095-1657
Fax: 310-206-4738
Voice: 310-825-1695

"The Don Ellis Collection contains 944 folders of music stored in over 200 acid-free boxes. Included are complete scores, parts, lead sheets, and drafts—in ink, in pencil, on manuscript paper, on bond paper, and on Ozalids (from an old printing process). There are over 300 titles, most composed by Don Ellis himself. When items are needed for study, they can be sent from SRLF to the Ethnomusicology Archive within one to two days. Many pieces of music can be photocopied for performance and educational purposes, provided the appropriate paperwork is completed and copying fees are paid.

"The collection also includes books, articles, letters, and various papers as well as photographs and slides. There are over 300 reel-to-reel tapes, many with analog cassette or DAT copies; videotapes of concerts, films, television shows, and television commercials; twenty LP titles; ten 45-rpm titles; and six CD titles, with more recording titles to be added as they are available. The Archive also has Ellis’ quarter-tone trumpet, the valve and slide "superbone," two frame drums from India, and costumes worn during performances, such as the white polyester beaded suit worn on the Shirley MacLaine television special in 1977."